Blending the traditions of midwifery with current standards of safe, evidenced based care.

Katie Murrey, CPM, LM

Moorhead, MN

Katie Murrey, CPM, LM

I like to say that I didn’t find midwifery but midwifery found me. I had never even heard of the word “midwife” and to my basic knowledge women gave birth to babies in the hospital with doctors and that was the extent of my knowledge. It was 2009, and I had just graduated with a BA in Family and Children’s Ministries and had gotten married 2 yrs prior. There was a CPM in our small mountain church and she offered a free health and women’s wellness class to the young women in the community, to which I joyfully attended. The introduction to midwifery part stole my heart and it wasn’t long until she asked me to join her practice as a new student/apprentice. I assisted and learned alongside her for 1.5 years, during which I completely fell in love with birth and saw a side of obstetric care that I had no idea existed. The beauty and tenderness of home birth captured me and spun me onto the road to become a midwife myself. 

In 2013 my husband and I moved to Fargo/Moorhead from Georgia, and I was serving the area as a Doula for a short time before I began my studies. I spent 3.5 years working through coursework through Via Vita Midwifery Correspondence School as well as working in a clinical apprenticeship with Molly Ferguson at Prairie Naturopathic Doctors. In 2014 I spent 4 weeks serving the poor women of Olongapo, Philippines, and in 2015 spent 3 weeks in a busy practice in Washington. Through all of these avenues I fulfilled the requirements to become a CPM, and in 2016 I passed the North American Registry of Midwives national exam. Shortly thereafter, I became a Licensed Midwife in Minnesota. I currently continue to practice at Prairie Naturopathic Doctors in junction with Molly Ferguson. 

My biggest passion lies in protecting normal physiological birth and empowering women to birth their babies they way they need to. There is nothing more satisfying for me then to support a woman in birth uninhibited, uninterrupted, and freely in the comfort of her own home. Furthermore, even before and after the critical time of birthing, I find deep gratitude and fulfillment in treating all women with respect and offering them unbiased informed consent and helping them form a plan of care that best suites their situation. 

I live in Moorhead, MN with my husband of 10 yrs, our two furry creatures Willow and Birch, and our soon to be 2 yr. old daughter Arabella, adopted from the Philippines. I hold current licensure in MN, CPR and First Aid, Neonatal Resuscitation, and abide by the Standards of Care and Practice Guidelines set forth by the wonderful group of midwives in MCCPM community.