Blending the traditions of midwifery with current standards of safe, evidenced based care.

Janine Stiles, CPM

Mandala Midwifery

 Janine Stiles, CPM

Mandala Midwifery Care
Serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas

Janine Stiles is a Traditional Midwife with the Certified Professional Midwife credential.  Her practice, Mandala Midwifery Care, strives to provide loving and individualized care that honors all family types.

Janine has been serving birthing families in some capacity since 2007 and has a diverse background in birth work – teaching classes, serving families through doula work, assisting with placenta medicine, apprenticing with local and international midwives, and providing loving midwifery care.  Her midwifery training spanned four years and, as many midwives have done before her, she learned and lived midwifery in the time-honored apprenticeship model.  During that time she graciously absorbed the art of midwifery from four local midwives and obtained a firm grounding in the holistic, individualized, loving care possible under the midwifery model of care.  In addition to her apprenticeship, Janine concluded her training with a fellowship at the internationally known community birth center, Yayasan Bumi Sehat.  During this time, Janine had the privilege of serving the women and families of Bali as well as many families from parts of the world where gentle birth is not an option.  Janine will forever be thankful to the amazing Balinese midwives and families for sharing their version of gentle birth under any circumstance.  

Janine believes that the childbearing year is a time of tremendous growth and transformation and is honored to walk along side those experiencing it.   Janine has sought, and continues to seek additional training and awareness to appropriately serve people of color and those in the GLBTQ community.  In addition to prenatal, postpartum and home birth care, Mandala Midwifery Care provides well care, fertility consultation, and insemination services to women, transmen and those whose gender identity is fluid.